EVOLUTION, an award winning A Cappella Group, is a 5 man Contemporary Vocal Pop-Rock Band. Singing originals mixed with classic rock, modern pop and fantastic Hip-Hop, this ensemble uplifts their audiences with rock solid harmony, slick moves, humor and sensational vocals!

“Inspiring, funny, and super hip” is how The RAY Magazine described EVOLUTION.  Regarded by the Palladium Times as “THE group to watch”, EVOLUTION takes traditional A Cappella to new amplitudes.  This Los Angeles-based quintet has cultivated a new generation of ears hungry for upbeat, soulful, and purposely hilarious music.

From the start, EVOLUTION has remained true to their mission…  to connect with fans, uplift spirits, evoke smiles and heal the world though harmony.  Their simple, yet innovative sound has created great appeal and accolades within the A Cappella community and throughout the world.

Lead / Design / Production

Rono has been singing since he made his first sound in this lifetime. Soon after he could form words, he was creating ensembles in which to perform.  In his hometown of Oswego, NY, he was a regular musical attraction at the town’s annual festival, Harborfest.

Rono would go on to receive a dual Music Degree in Education and Vocal Performance from the prestigious Ithaca College.  While at Ithaca, with the help of Michael Maury, he formed the ever-popular, Ithacappella, which still lives and succeeds today.

After college, Rono found himself in Boston, MA as the front man and guitarist of The American Girls Club.  While with this band, he’d see some of his original pieces climb the local rock charts.  Soon after the tours and gigging were over, Rono moved to Los Angeles, CA where he reunited with Michael to help form EVOLUTION.

Rono will forever admit that he “Hates A Cappella”. To him, EVOLUTION is more than just a genre. It is a progression and a platform for growth. “Your truest dance will find a way.”

Beats / Style / Communication
LA native, Joshua Silverstein has been impacting the creative arts scene for some time now.  He has enriched the world through visual art, theatre, poetry, and beatboxing.  Over time, Joshua has graciously earned the title as the “hardest working beatboxer in LA”.  Joshua’s talents have given him the opportunity to travel to many places including Kuwait, where he was one of the First American Hip Hop artists ever to perform on Kuwaiti soil. From 2003 to 2005, Joshua traveled with Norman Lear’s “Declare Yourself”, which was a nonpartisan voter registration tour.

Joshua has been “laying down the beats” with EVOLUTION since May of 2009.  When not performing as an EVO-Boy, Joshua and actor/poet Joe Hernandez-Kolski star in their own self-written, two-man comedy and poetry show, “So Fresh & So Clean”. Additionally, Joshua is the producer and host of a multi-faceted experience, “REFLECTION”. This monthly event takes place at Zanzibar, in Santa Monica, CA and features talented artists in a vast array of creativity.

Joshua is thrilled to keep the beat with EVOLUTION and thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to sing some harmony!

Baritone / Arrangements
/ Harmony
Michael Maury has been a lover of the contemporary A Cappella style since high school when he heard his first Tuft’s Beelzebubs’ arrangement. He immediately fell in love with the thought of a ‘voices-only’ rock band. While studying for his undergraduate degree in music education at Ithaca College, with the help of Rono Smith, Michael formed the award winning, ever-popular collegiate group, Ithacappella.

After college, Michael took a brief hiatus from his A Cappella roots and began a career as a TV and Film actor.  After numerous national commercials, a few episodes on “Heroes”, and a few minor roles on shows such as “That 70’s Show”, “Passions” and several small films of which you have most likely never heard, Michael found himself in a ‘musical’ void.

In order to fill this hole, Michael formed EVOLUTION in the fall of 2007 and has been an advocate for its growth since the beginning of that first stage.  He is proud to say that the ensemble continues to ‘evolve’ towards something greater than it was before.

Michael’s true purpose is harmony. He now sells his personal arrangements at and spends most of his free time rhyming and scheming up ways to better EVOLUTION.

Bass / Vibe / Arrangements

Adam is most well known in the A Cappella community as the bassist for the once popular Blind Man’s Bluff from Chicago, IL.  In addition to singing with his EVO brothers, he plays the “real” bass with the Los Angeles rock band Xyzyx.  He also plays keyboards and sings lead vocals with his own band, Lobate Scarp.  He occasionally graces the Television world with his acting presence in beer commercials and the like, but is proud to say that he has never acted in a genital herpes commercial.

Adam is excited to be a member of EVOLUTION and looks forward to spreading some harmony around the world.

Tenor / Strategist / Funny Guy

Seth is a Charismatic, Health Conscious individual with skills as a modern urban dancer.  He is a high Tenor with a remarkable full voiced High C.  He is musically literate with a love of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and R n’ B. He is an incredible harmonizer and musical improvisor and is committed to the ideals that EVOLUTION has set forth. Seth Shapiro is thrilled to be spreading the love and healing the world through Harmony!


 2009 Harmony Sweepstakes Los Angeles Regional Competition
–  1st Place Prize – 2009 LA Region Champions

–  Award for Audience Favorite

 2009 San Diego County Fair A Cappella Sing Off Competition
– 2nd Place Prize

2010 San Diego County Fair A Cappella Sing Off Competition
– 1st Place Prize – 2010 Champions


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